What to Look for in a Storage Facility when Storing Fragile Camera Gear

Putting camera gear to storage is every photographer’s nightmare. We have seen this many times at Los Rios Storage—photographers sending their fragile camera gear to storage but not having the peace of mind when doing so. But after we assure them that their things are in good hands, they eventually settle down. When looking for storage in Kamloops for your photography gear, look for a company that has experience keeping sensitive equipment.

How to Choose a Storage Facility

When keeping sensitive equipment like camera gear, you will be hard pressed to find a facility you can trust. Some are only experienced in keeping non-sensitive materials but does not have the wherewithal when it comes to storing fragile items. So how do you choose a storage facility that can keep your sensitive items and ensure that it won’t get damage when the time comes for you to get them?

  1. Have an ocular of their facility

    Before renting the facility, tell them that you will be storing delicate and fragile materials and you want to see for yourself if they are capable. If the allow you, try to see if the facility is moisture proof. Cameras easily get infested with molds when there is moisture in your storage system. Cameras don’t need huge spaces so make sure that the facility has small storage like airtight boxes to contain your cameras. Putting them in small containers also ensure that they won’t move a lot.

  2. Label each item

    If you have already decided that the facility is capable of storing your camera gear, you have to start labeling each item. If you have an analog camera, put it in a separate container with the digital ones. This will be very useful when the time comes that you need these items again. You can save time putting things back together when everything is labeled because you don’t have to keep on searching for them.

  3. Secure all moving and detachable parts

    Doing this will ensure that no item will be damages when you send them out. Use bubble wrap the ensure that can withstand impact. The bubble wrap will also help secure their moving parts and prevent moisture from getting in.

  4. Avoid including photos

    No matter how you keep photos from peeling off, it will peel off. It is therefore best to take care of your own photos than including it in storage. If you must include photos, make sure to put them in an album and wrap it properly too.

Storing cameras and other sensitive materials require a different sort of storage facility. Make sure that the one you choose has the capability to store these kinds of equipment. You might want to ask some photographer friends for guidance if they have tried renting a storage facility for their cameras too. This way you have some guidance and suggestions from someone who has been there ahead of you.