How Staging The Right Photos Can Help You Sell Your House

If you are planning to sell your house, you know that the first move is to leverage it out there.   This will certainly guarantee that your house is sold in very little time.  Now, when it comes to taking pictures of your real estate investment, there are some things that need to be considered.  We photographers like to say that we do not take pictures, but we instead tell stories.  In this particular case, the story you want to tell is:  “this is the house you have always wanted”.  There, plain and simple.  The rest are details that you should take care of when you present your house to the world.  Make you house enticing, make it for people to think: “how have I not lived in this house!”.

Your pictures must include interior and exterior, of course.  Follow these tips when taking pictures of your house:

Look for the best time of the day

Depending on the mood you want to portray about your property, you should look for the best natural lighting.  If you want your leads to thinking of your house as a happy place where all the fun takes place, you might take a better photo when the sun is out and shiny.  If, on the other hand, you want people to think as their future house as a place of rest and peace, you might be better off taking the snapshot several hours after sunset.  You will get this nice and mellow sensation.

Should you use wide-angle lenses?

This is some sort of debate between real estate photographers and professional artistic photographers.  The decision on using or not will depend on what you are aiming for.  Consider the pros and cons of using either.  If you decide not to use wide-angle lens, you will get a more natural shot but it will cover a smaller space of a room.  This is not advantageous if you want to show most space of a room.   If you want to achieve taking a pic of the whole room, then using a 10-mm lens is the way to go.  Consider, though, that this will make objects closer to the camera appear bigger than those on the background.  If you decide to use an 8-mm lens, you might end up with a fish-eye effect, which will make the photo look a bit distorted. This can be fixed with photo editing, though.

Keep the balance

Make sure the pictures you take have an equal spacing.  When taking the snapshot of the front of the house,  allow the spaces on either side of the house be the same.  Do not cut off the roof and do not cut down the soil.  These pictures can be taken at a distance and a little below eye level.

Use a tripod

To get a perfect frame of your picture, a tripod comes in very useful.  You  might need to make some minor adjustments in order to attain the desired equilibrium.  This is more easily done with a tripod.

No flash

The camera´s flash feels unnatural and creates shadows.  Besides this, when taking pictures of a house, it is actually difficult for the flash to reach the whole extent of the house.  Make use of the house´s natural lighting instead.  It provides a more real view of your home.