Capturing the Scenes of Live Salsa Dancing in Mexico

e2cd74dcffa7bff1700cef7277a59109If you think Salsa is solely Cuban, then you might be missing on some other important information. Yes, Salsa originated and was created in Cuba, but there are other influences responsible for the dance itself. There’s the Danzon that was brought by the French from Haiti, which was mixed with African Rhumbas. Then the Son of Cuban people paved its way to some of the best beats and moves to make this dance a hit. And finally, the term “Salsa” was given in New York as a nickname to better distinguish the dance apart from the rest.

Salsa is now a hit in almost every city that loves music and dancing! Mexico will surely be on that list because this place is the best spot for dancing, partying and enjoying the nightlife! Because of the popularity of the dance, people are now taking Salsa lessons in studios like Baza Dance. If you’re a Salsa dancer or enthusiast, this place is for you! This is also a great destination for photographers who want to enhance their skill in capturing dance shots. Here are the top places where you can take great shots of people dancing to the beat of Salsa music. You will definitely capture the heart, skill and talent of the dancers.

1. Mama Rumba
A place for Cuban timba and salsa lovers! This two-floor area plays 100% Latin music with a mix of Cumbia. This is a favorite for those both locals and tourists too!
2. Grand Mambo Café
If you’re looking for the largest Salsa club in Cancun, this is the place to be. The fun and energetic Salsa dancing start at midnight. Here,you’d be amazed at groups and individuals dancing gracefully at the sound of lively Salsa music!
915ed4c4000d58e4820b3709158f7d7b3. Parque Bohemio
This place doesn’t have live music, but some Salsa planners give Salsa classes here every week. Apart from the easy-to-learn and enjoyable lessons, they also have an open dancing session for everyone!
4. Macumba, La Casa De La Salsa features seasoned and talented bands like La Charanga Habanera, Elito Reve y su Charangon. If you want to experience live salsa dancing at its best, make sure to make a stop here.
5. Carlos ‘n Charlie’s
If you’re out on a Friday, this is the best time to go to their Salsa night. The live band starts playing at 10pm so be ready with your best salsa outfit!

These are just some examples of the places that have a great love for Salsa. As a photographer, it is important to bring a proper equipment for the type of shots you want to take. To capture dance moves better, it is advised to use a “fast” lens and be sure to bring focus lenses in case there’s low lighting in the place of your choice.

So when you plan to visit Mexico for their sights and sceneries, don’t forget to try have a taste of their Salsa dancing experience. It is guaranteed to be different from all those Salsa lessons that you’ve taken, this one is definitely going to be a step or a notch higher than what you’re used to. This is truly a place where you can enjoy the sights, culture, people, food and lots of dancing!