Some of the best landscape designs I’ve seen


The urban landscape in Canada and US continue to amaze me, even after years of photographing landscapes. Year after year, you will see how the landscape changes along with its people. However, if there’s one thing that continue to impress me, it is the beauty of green landscapes nestled even in the most urban area that you can think of.

It’s easy to be awed by the natural beauty of landscapes in the countryside, but there’s also a different kind of awe for human talent when it comes to beautifully designed and maintained landscapes. Here are some of the best landscape designs I’ve encountered throughout the years.

1) Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park

Located at the heart of New York City, there is no better landscape to remind me of the beauty of green and urban landscape combined than Hunter’s Point. If you are fond of the Manhattan skyline, then it’s also impossible for you to miss this spot in New York. It is a  popular waterfront park that now provides a sense of recreation to the busy working people passing by here. It’s always relaxing to be shooting near Hunter’s Point for me.

2) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus

Sometimes, before actually appreciating the aesthetics of the place, you fall in love with the story of the landscape first. This is exactly the case for me with Bill & Melinda Campus. Before including it to this list, I have been coming back and forth the campus for various photoshoot gigs. And that’s when I learned how the makers of this modern-day sustainable landscape design created such beauty from a mere parking lot at the heart of Seattle. No wonder why this design was recognized and awarded with various architectural awards.

3) Château Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France

While I’m a huge fan of modern yet humble landscapes, one can’t also resist the persisting beauty of Château Vaux-le-Vicomte. I’ve only been here once, but the landscape has been to meticulously maintained you’d think that it’s actually a product of nature. There’s also some historical background to how this landscape came about, and that makes it even more remarkable.

4) Rousham Park, England

This park seems to have established all the basics in landscaping such as the use of natural, complementing plants, soil maintenance, and use of sustainable material. The result is a timeless landscape that has been providing the beautiful shed both for humans, chirping birds, and other creatures that thrive in its natural beauty.