Why Animal Photography Is More Fun than Human Photography


Who does not love puppies?  Or this cute monkey? I mean, you have to be pretty heartless not to love those little things and want to hug and pamper them.  Just picture a fluffy Labradoodle pup, running on an open field, playing with a tennis ball.  It simply makes you go “awww”.   The whole scene is probably making your heart melt and wishing you had a camera to take the moment forever.  Now, try to picture the same thing with a human baby.   Of course, newborn babies are pretty cute themselves.  However, you cannot get past them their sheets on their beds.  You would not think of taking one to the field and go all “do something” on them!  For this and many other reasons, I find that photographing animals is more fun than human photography.

  • There is no right picture when it comes to animals, really.  I mean, you do have to keep all the aspects of frame, lighting, etc.  But, remember the last picture you took to this teenage girl?  Yep, it was the number one-thousandth since all the ones you took before made her look fat.  Well, you will never get that from an animal, duh.  The animal will usually always look good no matter what.   It is actually easier to get a sense of satisfaction from your own work.
  • It is actually a challenge to photograph animals.  Either it is a puppy playing on a field or a wild animal in the open, it is always a fun challenge to find a great angle.  And once you find it, oh what a joy it is!  I have been to the woods trying to photograph birds in their natural habitat.  It was not an easy task since they don´t really stand still for long.  But I did get amazing snapshots.  I was even able to take several pictures of some tiny bats on a tree bark.  It was funny but those did not budge, not even when I turned on the flash.   I thought they hated it!
  •  I love candid photos!  You see, those in which the model is not staring at the lens like a zombie.  I always provide my models a focal point away from the camera for them to stare at while I shoot.  I have made photography at all kinds of events and I simply enjoy those pictures that capture real moments a lot more than the required ones with the groom and bride, groom and bestmen,  bride and maid of honor,  MOB, FOB, etc.  It’s simply something about those honest moments.  When it comes to animals, all of the pictures are candid.  They will not pose for you, obviously (unless it is a crazy trained dog that even smiles and stuff-which would be crazy to find!) so you have no option but to take them in their real themselves.
  • All the options for photography that you get from one single animal are countless!  This is no longer an unsatisfied client asking you to redo the shot a million times.  This is just you pushing yourself towards the best picture you can get.

I do enjoy taking pictures of puppies, especially Labradoodles.  If you do not have one of these beautiful dogs, you should consider getting yourself one from Labradoodle breeder Ontario.