Tips from a Business Coach for wannabe professional photographers

So you want to be a photographer?  Well, a professional photographer, actually.  Photography is a service that is in high demand.  The market is very propitious right now to this service.  Now, two important things that you should know if you are serious about getting into business are:

  1. Offer what the client does not know he needs just yet.  You tell him.
  2. Deliver what your competition is not.  In other words, be innovative.

But there are a thing or two about business that I could gladly share with you. I’ll only share a few but that I believe cover most of the aspects. During the process, you will make mistakes and learn from them.  There is no better way to learn, trust me.  So brace yourself and take note.

  • Pick up the phone.  This is probably the hardest thing to do.  But then it is the easiest.  The worst thing that can happen is you get the door slammed right on your face.  So, if you are planning on becoming a wedding photographer, for example, get in touch with wedding planning agencies and offer your services there.   Call as many of those as you can.
  • Organize yourself.   Make a schedule of what are the things that you can do.  Unless you have a photography agency with many photographers to pick from, this is at least for now, a one-man business.  Organizing your time will save you from having to blow off clients, which by the way, is the worst thing to do.
  • Be loud.  Build a website. Create a portfolio.  Learn how to market yourself on social media.  Write a blog.  Pay for ads on FB and Google.  The market is out there but it won´t call for you.  You have to shout out that you are there.  You are a brand and you have to market it.
  • Learn to say no.  This sounds like something you should not do.  But it all depends on what you are aiming for.  Some people will not take you seriously and start offering you this “can you take a picture of my kid here, it´s the one with cake all over his face, hehe..”  You should politely say no and focus on what your goal is.
  • Handle the money.   Not being able to administer your funds correctly is one of the main reasons why photography businesses fail.  It is hard sometimes to know when you are financially capable of buying yourself a new lens, for instance.  Get down and start making numbers; consider taxes, income, outcome, etc.  Remember that, if you are doing this for a living, it should be able to provide for that.  But, you should also be able to make your business grow.
  • Identify your target audience.  When you create ads or posts, target those people that you know will respond.  But do not be discouraged if they don’t.  In my experience, if you get a 16% response out of a newsletter, that is a score.

Wherever you want to take your business, I believe that if you are really serious about it, a good Business Coach Vancouver will be of lots of help to you.  Good luck on your endeavors!

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