The best apps for photographers

Either you are a pro and make a living out of photography or just take it as a hobby, the following apps are the best ones and you should totally have them.  They are used within your phone and they allow you to make use of better lighting to get the best pictures ever.

Because even if you are the best photographer, you could still use some help from technology to produce mesmerizing photos.  Your clients will appreciate it.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

If you are a landscape photographer, this is your dream app.  Not only that but is indispensable if you want to get the natural lighting just right.  Whenever you want to shoot a tree or a landscape, using a compass, this application will tell you which is the best angle for your to take advantage of the sun and the moon.

Using your current location, this application will show you the position of the sun and the moon at all times, as well as the size of shadows, the time of twilight, and even upcoming celestial events.  So, let´s say you want to take a photo of this tree.  With a reverse engineering process, the application will tell you the exact time and date at which the sun, the moon, and the stars will be.

Pocket Light Meter

As the name suggests, this application is a light meter.  All photographers use one to set the exposure parameters. This application is convenient in that it is on your phone, which is the other thing you carry everywhere.  It is easy to use, convenient, and trustworthy.


This is probably the most popular photography app out there.  There are several reasons for that.  It is easy to use, it has many filters, and it allows sharing straight from the app.  You can also make several adjustments such as hue, color, and contrast.  The app is free but it comes with some minor filter purchases.

Easy Release

If you are not familiar with model releases,  you should be.  Easy Release is, as its name suggests, easy.  It provides you with templates of model releases that your clients can perfectly sign with their fingers.  This, besides being very convenient, is helpful to the environment.  If you like to take a lot of pictures on the street, it is convenient to have a form ready for your unexpected model to sign.


This is an iOS application that can be useful when planning the best shooting and its location.  This application will show you where the sun and the moon will be at any location at any time.  But it does not stop there.  With augmented reality technology, it can show you what your photography at a certain time and place will look like.

When it comes to mobile applications, being intuitive, safe, and easy to use are just some of the characteristics it should have.  AY App Development works on providing the best applications for a business or enterprise.


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