Wedding Décor That Stands out in Photos

Wedding decorations is serious business for couples who want their wedding day to be perfect. These decorations not only create the overall mood during the ceremony but they become the back drop for professional wedding photographers during the event.

This is why it’s very important to take wedding decors seriously. You must hire a wedding decorator that will come up with wedding decorations that will create the perfect background for your wedding pictures.

These photos create the memories that you will look back to when you get older. The perfect subject and a matching magical environment will make quality photos. But how do you exactly make your decors stand out?

Photos Paint a Picture

A great photographer will be able to not only take pictures on your wedding day but they are also adept enough to capture the overall mood of the event. People who look at your photos should be able to see visually how happy the event was.

The decors you install in the church or at the reception should send out a message to people that it’s a magical celebration of the union between two people. This will be captured in the wedding photos taken by your official photographer and your friends/guests will be able to see that when they see photos of your wedding.

Professional Images

Images taken by a professional will be noticeable the moment your see them. Bad décor jobs will not give the work of your photographer any justice because it will be seen in the pictures that you didn’t commit in the decorations.

The decors you install for your wedding day should be clearly visible in photos with considerations on specific angles. They must be an enhancing piece to the professional photos so that they can portray the right image of your wedding event.

You can even take it to another level by making wedding décor adjustments that can look great for both photos and videos. It will be easier to capture the essence of the whole even this way since you get high quality shots all the time.

Coordinated Wedding Decors

Weddings are a piece of art as visualized by the wedding planner and the couple. They come together to build an event using their creative minds and desires for the event. As wedding day decors go, well-coordinated colors and wedding pieces are the in thing for today’s wedding decorators.

The venue is very important when deciding on the colors you’ll be using during your wedding day. Ocular visits to the venue will really help you match the colors you use on your decorations for the big day. Choose the proper color combinations that match the venue and your theme to ensure that it will pop out during pictures.

After you’ve decided on the color scheme for you wedding, it’s important that you choose the right colors to fit your mood. Whether you like peace and tranquility or vibrant and fun there will be a color scheme that will match what you want. You just have to coordinate with your wedding decorator to make them stand out.

Why Great Photography will Help Sell Your Business

Business photography has to be some serious business in order for it to work.  We are not talking just any kind of photography, but quality photos that enhance your presence and help the sales.  But why exactly it is that great photography goes a long way into selling a business?

An image is worth a thousand words

Or so they say.  When it comes to business photography, no truer words can ever be said.   But what are your photographs saying?  Well, for starters, photos are an important part of any website.  We humans are visual.  We perceive most of the world through images.

So, you see now.  You had better spell out the message in your business through stunning images because long texts are not going to cut it.  But what does all of this mean anyway?  Basically, people will associate your business with the images you share.  What do you want these pictures to say about your business?

Business photography speaks of professionalism

A professional image will do much more for your business than one taken with your phone.  In fact, this photo with your phone, speaks about a lack of commitment.  We go back to images speaking louder than words.  Faulty images will repel potential clients.  The message you are portraying is that you cannot be taken seriously.

Your photos should be clear and creative.  They must portray what your business is about in order to provide a professional image.

But not only images can do the trick.  Short and nicely done videos can capture attention and display the essence of your company as well.  Just like you do with photography, hire the top video production Vancouver and get creative and quality videos for your website.


When people look at your photos and/or videos, they want to see what your company is about.  This is a great opportunity to display how great your business is.  Customize your website and media according to your business’ mission.

Place real pictures of your company so that your audience can get a real feel of what your business is about.  Using stock photos will not show the true identity of your company.

Business photography is cost effective

When you think about how a professional business photography will help your website spread across the Internet, you truly appreciate the cost.

This is one of the best marketing strategies to put in place.  In the long run, you will find out that the investment is pretty cost effective.

Why Animal Photography Is More Fun than Human Photography


Who does not love puppies?  Or this cute monkey? I mean, you have to be pretty heartless not to love those little things and want to hug and pamper them.  Just picture a fluffy Labradoodle pup, running on an open field, playing with a tennis ball.  It simply makes you go “awww”.   The whole scene is probably making your heart melt and wishing you had a camera to take the moment forever.  Now, try to picture the same thing with a human baby.   Of course, newborn babies are pretty cute themselves.  However, you cannot get past them their sheets on their beds.  You would not think of taking one to the field and go all “do something” on them!  For this and many other reasons, I find that photographing animals is more fun than human photography.

  • There is no right picture when it comes to animals, really.  I mean, you do have to keep all the aspects of frame, lighting, etc.  But, remember the last picture you took to this teenage girl?  Yep, it was the number one-thousandth since all the ones you took before made her look fat.  Well, you will never get that from an animal, duh.  The animal will usually always look good no matter what.   It is actually easier to get a sense of satisfaction from your own work.
  • It is actually a challenge to photograph animals.  Either it is a puppy playing on a field or a wild animal in the open, it is always a fun challenge to find a great angle.  And once you find it, oh what a joy it is!  I have been to the woods trying to photograph birds in their natural habitat.  It was not an easy task since they don´t really stand still for long.  But I did get amazing snapshots.  I was even able to take several pictures of some tiny bats on a tree bark.  It was funny but those did not budge, not even when I turned on the flash.   I thought they hated it!
  •  I love candid photos!  You see, those in which the model is not staring at the lens like a zombie.  I always provide my models a focal point away from the camera for them to stare at while I shoot.  I have made photography at all kinds of events and I simply enjoy those pictures that capture real moments a lot more than the required ones with the groom and bride, groom and bestmen,  bride and maid of honor,  MOB, FOB, etc.  It’s simply something about those honest moments.  When it comes to animals, all of the pictures are candid.  They will not pose for you, obviously (unless it is a crazy trained dog that even smiles and stuff-which would be crazy to find!) so you have no option but to take them in their real themselves.
  • All the options for photography that you get from one single animal are countless!  This is no longer an unsatisfied client asking you to redo the shot a million times.  This is just you pushing yourself towards the best picture you can get.

I do enjoy taking pictures of puppies, especially Labradoodles.  If you do not have one of these beautiful dogs, you should consider getting yourself one from Labradoodle breeder Ontario.

Tips for Underwater Photography

New adventures are always exciting and looking at the world through a camera lens never misses its excitement.  It is within every photographer’s dream to try new things, underwater photography being one of them.  Nothing compares to submerging into the waters with your camera and take a snapshot of the world from a totally different point of view.

Either if you are a professional underwater photographer, a beginner, or still dream of diving into the adventure (pun totally intended!), there are some tips that might benefit you next time you plunge in.

Get the best camera you can

Underwater cameras are not really that expensive. You can get a cheap underwater camera for snorkeling, you can even get a snorkel camera mask! You can get  yourself a pretty good one at a rather affordable price.  Make sure this camera can get wet and depending on how deep you are planning on going, what type of pressure it can withstand.  Think of the type of pictures you want to take once you are in.  If you are able to take pictures close to the subject a camera with no macro will do.  However, if the subject cannot by approached (a shark or a large fish) then try to get a camera that offers you macro.

Use the correct camera lighting underwater

Light does not travel underwater the way it does above ground.  This is something that you must consider when bringing your camera to the deep.  Pictures that are taken on a shallow area can prove fun and they allow the most amount of light from the surface.  You could even play with the water line and create stunning images.

Keep in mind that the deeper you go, the less light waves will get there.  This will cause your pictures to have an unwanted greenish or bluish haze.  In order to capture the real essence of coloration of a frame, use the camera´s flash, or even a flashlight.   Your camera´s underwater mode filters out the blue in order to give you a more real coloration to your underwater images.

Come closer

The distance between  you and your subject is also a determinant factor to the quality of your photos.  The closer you can get, the better lighting you get from the camera to the subject and back to the camera.  Consider that if you photograph a far-away object in a darker environment, you will not get the desired effect, even if you use flash.  If the object is far and you cannot get any closer, try to fill in the frame with many features.

If your subject is very tiny, get close using a wide-angle lens or a macro mode (some cameras have either of these features or both).

Add some scale to you pictures

To add to the artistry, design, and sense of your photograph, provide some scale to your pictures.  If you take a picture of a jellyfish, for instance, at a very close distance with very little background, the viewer will not be able to perceive the size of your subject.  Add an object next to your subject to add scale.   Photographer´s all-favorite is adding a diver next to, say, a large fish.  This helps the viewer appreciate the size of the fish.

Underwater pictures can typically be taken on a river, lake, ocean, swimming pool, etc.  When taking pictures very close to the surface, you might want to bring in the best snorkeling set for your adventure.


Ocean Photography with SUP as a Vehicle

When it comes to photography, there are many things that you need to consider. What your camera can capture depends on several factors that may be only inborn photographers know.  With ocean photography for instance, you need to know some basic yet effective ideas how you can capture the best subjects and create amazing photos.

Many aspiring and experienced photographers would choose beaches as a venue to take very good pictures for several reasons. Beaches have unique and natural lighting. It can be a perfect nature backdrop for whatever subject you have. In order for you to find the perfect location and angle when taking photos, have you tried using a stand-up paddleboard as a mode of transportation around the ocean?

What’s with Paddleboarding

Many people are now hooked to this amazing water sport, even celebrities. They find it a perfect and an amazing way to enjoy the beach while achieving the fitness they need. With the use of a good paddleboard, you can paddle your way through the water and enjoy the view and the heat of the sun. In order to start with paddleboarding, you just have to learn the basics such as keeping your balance on top of the board while standing and how to paddle it right without turning the paddleboard upside down.


Ocean Photography

With ocean photography, there are several factors to think about. One is how to protect your equipment. There are some elements that might probably cause some damage to your equipment such as the too much heat of the sun, the beach sand and the sea water. A good suggestion is to use a zip lock to cover. For your camera, make sure to use a secure strap, though you can always use a waterproof camera when taking beach photos. You also have to choose the right camera settings, for you know that too much amount of outdoor beach light can sometimes overwhelming. For beginners, make sure to know more about ocean photography to get the best photos ever.

taking photos

Paddleboarding and Photography

You probably wonder, how do paddleboarding and photography relate each other? Think about this, you’re holding a camera while touring around the beach, riding the best stand-up paddleboard. That’s pretty cool, right? Since paddleboarding is also used as the one of the best island touring equipment, you can definitely use it as a great vehicle to take great pictures around the ocean. When you do that, you’ll have an amazing experience, paddleboarding and photography in one.

The experience of using SUP as a vehicle when taking amazing ocean photos is one of a kind. It also requires a lot of practice and courage for photographers to get into the paddleboard, maintain a good balance while finding a good angle when taking pictures. Yet, that is something very fulfilling for those who love the art of photography. Start learning the skill of stand-up paddleboarding as early as today. Then make use of it. Start working your craft for an amazing ocean photography and consider it as one of the best experience of a lifetime.

How Staging The Right Photos Can Help You Sell Your House

If you are planning to sell your house, you know that the first move is to leverage it out there.   This will certainly guarantee that your house is sold in very little time.  Now, when it comes to taking pictures of your real estate investment, there are some things that need to be considered.  We photographers like to say that we do not take pictures, but we instead tell stories.  In this particular case, the story you want to tell is:  “this is the house you have always wanted”.  There, plain and simple.  The rest are details that you should take care of when you present your house to the world.  Make you house enticing, make it for people to think: “how have I not lived in this house!”.

Your pictures must include interior and exterior, of course.  Follow these tips when taking pictures of your house:

Look for the best time of the day

Depending on the mood you want to portray about your property, you should look for the best natural lighting.  If you want your leads to thinking of your house as a happy place where all the fun takes place, you might take a better photo when the sun is out and shiny.  If, on the other hand, you want people to think as their future house as a place of rest and peace, you might be better off taking the snapshot several hours after sunset.  You will get this nice and mellow sensation.

Should you use wide-angle lenses?

This is some sort of debate between real estate photographers and professional artistic photographers.  The decision on using or not will depend on what you are aiming for.  Consider the pros and cons of using either.  If you decide not to use wide-angle lens, you will get a more natural shot but it will cover a smaller space of a room.  This is not advantageous if you want to show most space of a room.   If you want to achieve taking a pic of the whole room, then using a 10-mm lens is the way to go.  Consider, though, that this will make objects closer to the camera appear bigger than those on the background.  If you decide to use an 8-mm lens, you might end up with a fish-eye effect, which will make the photo look a bit distorted. This can be fixed with photo editing, though.

Keep the balance

Make sure the pictures you take have an equal spacing.  When taking the snapshot of the front of the house,  allow the spaces on either side of the house be the same.  Do not cut off the roof and do not cut down the soil.  These pictures can be taken at a distance and a little below eye level.

Use a tripod

To get a perfect frame of your picture, a tripod comes in very useful.  You  might need to make some minor adjustments in order to attain the desired equilibrium.  This is more easily done with a tripod.

No flash

The camera´s flash feels unnatural and creates shadows.  Besides this, when taking pictures of a house, it is actually difficult for the flash to reach the whole extent of the house.  Make use of the house´s natural lighting instead.  It provides a more real view of your home.

Best DSLR Cameras

Photography is a hobby and a career. Many find this as a great hobby as you get to travel to different places and capture wonderful scenery, moments and events. It’s also a great career especially if you are looking for something thrilling and wonderful. However, in order to capture a wonderful moment perfectly, you must have an excellent camera.

Getting an excellent camera can produce excellent results. Today, we are going to help you find the best DSLR camera for your photography needs.

Nikon D3300

Offering intermediate level performance with a beginner friendly price and controls, the Nikon D3300 offers a 24.3 MP images and excellent 1080p 60fps videos. These capabilities can be compared to the high-end top of the line DSLR cameras that costs hundreds of dollars more. It can capture detailed photos with exceptional quality and color-rich.

Nikon D5500

Compact and lightweight, the Nikon D5500 comes with a stunning 24MP images. It also has a 3.2-inch rotating touch screen LCD. This allows you to snap photos and shoot videos with a single touch. With the optical low-pass filter, it can produce sharp and detailed images. It can produce clean images up to ISO 6400 and can capture 1080p 60fps videos stutter free.

Canon EOS 70D

This 20MP camera comes with a CMOS imaging chip with dual focus technology. This increases the shot speed when in autofocus mode of up to 80% when shooting in live view mode. The ISO sensitivity range of up to 25,600 makes this an excellent camera round the clock. It also comes with a 19-point autofocus system when in regular shooting mode and a very fast shutter speed of 1/8000 seconds.

Sony Alpha 77 M2

One of the main feature of this camera is its ability to capture 12 frames per second for up to 5 seconds and it earns a seat for one of the fastest DSLR cameras on the face of the planet. Utilizing a translucent mirror to bounce light into the AF sensor that comes with a 79-point autofocus, the Sony Alpha 77 M2 can refocus for every shot even in burst mode.

Canon 7D Mark II

Boasting fast camera with accurate autofocus, the Canon 7D Mark II can shoot up to 10 frames per second. It has an excellent LCD that display settings in a viewfinder and the dual pixel technology, which provides autofocus when shooting.

Canon EOS 5DS

Coming with a whopping 50.6 MP image, it can capture wonderful photos that can challenge even medium level studio cameras. The Canon EOS 5DS is aimed towards professional photographers looking for superb image quality. It comes with 5fps burst mode and 100 – 6400 ISO range.

That’s all, we hope you find the best camera for your needs!

Essential Tools for Video Editing

If you have the skills, the imagination, the dedication and the guts, then you can be a video editor. Video editing is a popular career nowadays especially since people are always looking for ways to capture their important life events and moments and cherish it for years to come.

In addition, video editing is also an extremely useful skill in the world of advertisement and business. Business promotions and advertisements can be a very successful campaign by using professionally created videos. Therefore, video editing is a great skill to possess.

However, in order to put your skills to use, you must have the tools. Without a proper and efficient tool, your final work quality will be great affected. By obtaining the best video editing tools, you can speed up your work and maximize your skills and creativity. Speaking of that, let us help you by listing some of the best tools for video editing to speed up your workflow.

AVS Video Editor

Creating professional quality videos is a piece of cake with AVS video editor. It has a large range of features, especially Blu-ray support, special effects, multilingual support, social media sharing and more. It’s more of an average level video editing tool but if you need a quick tweak of a short video, this is definitely the software to get.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Sony is known as one of the leading company in the world of video editing and filmmaking. No wonder they also have the best professional level video editing tools out there. This version of Sony Vegas consumes smaller system resources and is perfect for mid-level video editing. Just like AVS video editor, it’s also another option for getting small touches and quick tweaking done instantly on any video files you have.

Sony Vegas Pro

An “upgraded” version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio, this is significantly pricier but this offers professional level video editing capability with tons of features, hundreds of plugins and special effect. It can be used to edit professional films and it uses way more system resources that it’s light counterpart. If you want to unleash everything you’ve got, this tool is for you.

Adobe Premier Pro

From Adobe systems, this very popular piece of video editing software can produce wonderful videos with the level of Sony Vegas Pro. The large amount of features, transitions, masking and more are almost the same as Sony Vegas Pro. These two software can be considered as rivals and most of the time, it’s a matter of preferences.

Windows Movie Maker

If you have a Windows Machine, you have Windows Movie Maker. This simple, yet effective piece of video editing software is perfect for beginners and those who want to get started without paying a dime.